Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning at Christchurch

Are the biscuits back? You're dying to know.

Did we get over 100 members to join the facebook group to bring the buiscuits back?

Sadly, no. The final number was 72. Sure enough, Pete took time this morning during his announcement to address both people affected by this news. Those who wanted the biscuits- should rejoice in all things. Though trials of various kinds come upon them...and those who didn't want the biscuits, need to beware of self righteousness.

As he was talking, someone yelled, "Is this your message?!" Then Gav shouts out, "Will there be biscuits in heaven?!" to which Pete couldn't answer, but randomly affirmed he believes there will be NO animals in heaven. After discussing why for several minutes, glanced at a kid and interrupted himself,

"I'm only joking. If you're a kid here this morning and you're waiting to get to heaven to see your dead pet..." and continued re-tracting his previous comments.

Oh my goodness. I was in stiches; absolutely hysterical. I wish they'd recorded that section of the meeting for your sake.

We had 4 people get baptized today! Two women from Bettws (the town right next to the church- where we went every Thursday on the GAP Team to do workshops in the high school), one of the teen girls, and one of the guys who just graduated. The women from Bettws were there because of how Christchurch as reached out to the community. Unbelievable. What an example this church is to me in the way they reach out to the lost.

Their testimonies were incredible. One woman had tears running down her face as she thanked each member of the church for the ways they have served her. Her love for the Savior and gratefulness for what He's done and saved her from was moving.

This is Jack Pemberton (aka "Pembo") getting baptized. He was in the sr. teen group last year and is helping out with teens this year.

And this is Rachel. One of my LIFE girls last year. (And this is us below.) What an encouragement she is to me! Oh how she loves the Savior.

I have dinner plans with TWO families this week- three if you count the Mc Cans! I'm so excited. The Slocombes are making me my fave: cheeseburgers, and I actually get to finally bring the Rees' dinner before Home Group because I can drive! Its been a long time coming. I'm enjoying Christchurch in ways that were providentially hindered on the GAP Team. So grateful to be here!!!

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ivy gillette said...

Haha Oh my word Pete dug himself an abyss! Priceless.

"I'm enjoying Christchurch in ways that were providentially hindered on the GAP Team" ...the gap team restraint. sorry we held you back from your full potential Janelle:)