Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random pics for you

It's been surprising being back in Wales how many "British firsts" I'm still having...even after living here for a year! It's crazy! The more I learn, the more I realize I actually know very little about life over here.

When getting my UK bank card sorted (which I finally got today! Yay! No more, "Oh, there's not a chip in it, you have to swipe the card- its from America" - and then a manager being called over everytime I check out at the till.) Anyways, I was in HSBC and saw this tea and coffee VENDING machine- what?! Totally genius! You take the PG tips or instant coffee plastic thingy on the left and place it in the slot above the cup, and bam! Hot water comes from somewhere and makes you a beautifully hot brew! There was a dodgy lookin' cup of milk on the side...but I used it anyways. It was all about the experience.

Loving living with the Mc Cans. They've totally let me barge in on their lives and I love it so much. This is Alex and I the weekend Bob and Anne Marie were out of town (just for the record, older kids are so easy to take care of for the weekend! No baths or brushing their teeth or bedtime stories...just "go take a shower"...amazing!) I had so much fun with them.

...and this is just another day in the office...
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Taraleigh said...

I am jealous of the PG tips machine....really...