Friday, September 4, 2009

It's good to be back in Wales.

Well, here I am again- Newport!

I am so glad to be back in Wales.

As I took the bus and train from the airport in London, I could do nothing but stare out the window at the green mountains and grazing sheep, and marvel at the kindness of God. It is an utter privilege to be here right now. An honor. Humbling. I am trying to soak in every second starting NOW.

His peace is abundant. Passes all understanding. He has filled my weary heart again with faith.

It's funny having so many places in the world that feel "home-ish." I like being on the left side of the road. and having people in Newport ask, "I'n'' it?" after every sentence. I love the influctions in their voices when they ask questions- and have noticed already that I've quickly picked it back up after it "wore off" a little in the States. "Gutting," "mingin,'" and "half five" are no longer words only coming out of my mouth. Oh, smiles. I did miss it.

I love that it's sunny here, and when I left Florida, it was raining. Makes me laugh.

The month of August was nothing short of crazy. Virginia twice, Florida twice, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, 6 airports- most of them more than once, family, friends, doing hair, coffee dates, cheeseburgers galore, Chick fil a out the wazoo, parties at my every "coming" and "going", Busch Gardens, Universal, a wedding, Central Park zoo, days at the beach, days at the pool, surprise birthday party at a resort...etc. etc.

I went to the States praying I would "be a blessing"...yet, instead, have returned feeling only blessed. I have been poured into, encouraged, built up, served, loved, and cared for in tremendous ways. I am more amazed by the comfort, care, and wise and loving hand of God. The Gospel has become sweeter. Joy overflows. Again, peace is abundant.

Amidst all the craziness, I am baffled that I don't feel flustered. I don't understand it. It passes understanding.

I realized today that Monday night I slept in New Jersey, Tuesday night I slept in Virginia, Wednesday night in Orlando, and Thursday night over the Atlantic Ocean...and tonight, will be in Wales. How is it possible that I'm not overwhelmed? I don't get it.

I love my life. I'm totally spoiled. The LORD is so good. All the time.


Kathy Peschau said...

YOU ARE MISSED :( I love you!!

Ann Gillette said...

I just reviewed the past two months or blog updates that I have missed out on! You have no idea how much I love seeing you in all these pictures and updates! I do so much better at reading blogs than writing them :) Can't wait to hear more "7 word?" and salvation stories! Love you!