Friday, September 11, 2009

First week in Wales post GAP Team

Today in the office, I turned around and looked at Dingo and said, "The GAP Team feels like so long ago, doesn't it?!"
"I know, mate, it's crazy!" We kept talking about it and just couldn't get over the fact that two months ago everyone else was here. Life now is so different! I'm really loving this season.

I am pleased to announce that on three separate occasions today, I have driven a manual car in a foreign country on the "wrong" side of the road from point A to point B and not once yet has someone been killed or injured. Oh, the grace of God!

It's funny how my cultures are running together. The keyboards on the computers over here are different-- I have a UK one at work, but my laptop is American...but I'm finding (even in this blog post) that I'm getting more used to the UK keyboard, and typing random @ instead of ". Nuts. Yet...I tried to get in the passenger's side of my car tonight to drive home. My mind has no idea where in the world I am.

So, I don't think we've had a drop of rain all week. Weather like THIS. I know! Go figure! This is Jo's back garden. (They don't use the word "yard.")

Dinner with Lindsey and Jo on Wednesday night. They are both in the Rees' Home Group with me, and I've been dying to get to know them all year. I can quickly see, that they will be dear, and precious friends over this next year. (And Jo is working with the teen girls as well! Hip hip, Hooray!!!)

Thursday night I got to watch the Gaweda kids! Leah, Caitlin, Noah, and Hudson (below.) It was Dan's 9th anniversary of his 21st birthday- so they went out to do some big celebrating. I love these kids so much.

Ok, how adorable is this face?!

3 comments: said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of your life :) I love hearing how God is at work not only in your life, but those He has placed around you. I am praying for you friend, and grateful for your friendship. Love you

Peter said...

That picture with Lindsey and Jo made me so sad- we never got together like we were supposed to. Looks like ya'll had a great time though. So excited to here about all the Life stuff.

janelle said... dead people is ALWAYS a good thing. Trust me. :-)