Friday, August 29, 2008


Today we went to the Uni (University) in Cardiff just to drive around to see it. Then we went to Subway at the Cardiff Bay. A little piece of home.

We went to The Pit and learned about mining. It was so neat. We went 90 meters underground and learned about the hard lives that the people had years and years ago. Our tour guide was hilarious. He made a joke about horse manure and then said, "In America, they call it Peanut Butter. Just another word for crap." We all laughed. They do have peanut butter over here, but its not very common. We found out that Dave's never had a pbj sandwich-- so we're excited about changing that!

We drove around to several Castles and then went to an Abbey, and had dinner in a nice pub. I had noodles and Bolognese. Like meat and veggies and a brown sauce over almost-spaghetti-like noodles. It was delicious. I was starving.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was over jet lag. Well, that was an unintentional LIE. I'm tired all during the day and then wake up around 7 or 8p our time- so like 2 or 3p your time. But tomorrow Mike and Sarah (our leaders!) are flying in so I get to have a lie in while the guys drive to pick them up in London. A lie in means I get to sleep as long as I want. (I love using their lingo.) I am STOKED. And for some reason, I'm ALWAYS hungry. I mean, I know that's normal, but this is like- feeling dizzy, seeing spots kind of hungry. My body is definitely still adjusting.

I have been (obviously) having such a blast getting to know my team members and going on all these adventures. But I'm certainly feeling antsy to do some serving. I cannot WAIT to be here for my first Sunday- meet more people I'll be living life with and serving alongside of. The real pioneers. I can't wait to get into the nity grity real life. The mundane. I love it.

Celebration (a Sovereign Grace conference in Florida) is this weekend for Metro- guys, I'm praying for you like crazy. Praying for you individually by name, and for you as a local church. That through confession and repentance, the LORD would RENEW your relationships with Him- giving you a fresh joy in your salvation; that as you experience FREEDOM in Christ, you would grow in your understanding of that word defined Biblically, and that your heart for the lost would grow as a result of this new found, most glorious freedom. And I pray that when you return, these things will rub off on me as well- even if its just through emails. Love you dearly.


Lindsay said...

Umm your always hungry so don't lie and call it jet lag, and as for dizziness, hunger, and other symptoms...hmm...morning sickness?!?!

Allura said...

Oh JJ, I'm rejoicing with you! I miss you! Have you heard about Josh? Read Psalm 6. That was his prayer on Saturday. Oh yeah, it's AWESOME! Our GOD is awesome! He has rescued my boy from sin and death and hell, and Josh is walking in newness of life! My prodigal son has come home, JJ! I wish you were here to cry tears of joy with me! I love you! Write me at to stay in touch!