Thursday, October 9, 2008

Braids, Buses, and Biblical Fellowship

Today at Bettws we learned how to braid. I was quite a proud teacher by the end of the class. The kids listened so well today and the three students moaning that they couldn't do it in the beginning, were the ones saying, "I love plating!" at the end of class. YAY.

These I am so exicted by. Both done by a boy, Luke. The top one was his first go-round (well, actually his second because after the first I had them undo it and try again) and the one underneath it is WITHOUT the color coordination instruction written on the board! All one color-- didn't he do GREAT?! I was so pleased!

These are my boys. Hard at work. Fingers going to town.

We had quite a surprise when we went out to the car today-- our window had purple paint all over it. Along with 4 other cars, we'd been the "victims" of vandalism. We didn't really care. It washed off. But it ended up being a huge ordeal where we were asked to wait for the police to come, and then, in the end, were sent home before they got there...never a dull moment.

We left the school, came home for lunch, and then off we went to Cardiff! This is the bus stop right across the street from our house. Taige had some more lesson plans to do for tomorrow, so met us at the train station. (Yay for timers on camera's!)

This picture is semi-awkward, but I thought the lighting in it was really cool.

All aboard the train to Cardiff!!! This is when I stand out as SUPER touristy. Pictures getting on a train. Oh, how they must roll their eyes at me. But you enjoy it, don't you?!

Into Starbucks for a little taste of home- a Caramel Macchiato. (Miss you, Vanessa!)

We met up with Nickey who showed us around the town a little bit. We just sort of wandered around and then ended up going into a Borders. They did more sight-seeing after Peter and I left to come back for Home Group.

Before coming home, we stopped at a Chinese buffet and enjoyed pretty good Chinese food (except we both completely miss Sesame Chicken- they don't have it anywhere here!) Peter reminded me of the Gospel at dinner in the midst of our conversation, and it was extremely helpful.

Ah, and then to Home Group. These precious souls are Eiwen and Hattie. They are members of the Home Group, but are only able to meet with us I think its about once a month, when we go to them. They're bedtime is before Home Group is usually over. (Precious!) Hearing their love for the Savior, their wisdom, watching them take communion and speak of the privilage that it is to be in communion with the LORD...listening to them pray, ah, my heart melted. I literally want to sit at the feet of these wise women who have gone before me and ask them how they've seen God's faithfulness displayed in their lives. I know they must have countless stories of sorrow turned to joy, weariness turned to rest, tears turned to laughter, and non believers saved. I greatly look forward to getting to know them better. Before we left, they gave Peter and I each a dozen eggs for each of our homes. They have a friend who has chickens and apparently these eggs are quite amazing. How sweet! Sue and Andy were telling us on the way home, that Eiwen and Hattie are regularly having people over from the streets to show hospitatlity to them- to love them, care for them, serve them, feed them and witness to them. Ah, what an example they are! I hope to be great friends with these faithful saints before returning to America next August.

And here they are- Andy and Sue Rees. My wonderfully humble Home Group leader and his dearly loved wife. Ah, they're absolutely fantastic.

Tonight at Home Group, (and in my conversations with Peter) the LORD, in His kindness and care for me, reminded me of two things that I am regularly needing reminding of. (Is that grammatically correct?)

1. Grace is bigger than sin. I am so easily prone to looking at sin- either mine or other's, and forgetting to look UP- to behold my Savior: who has conqured death, defeated sin, and is seated at the right hand of the Father- praying for me constantly. Oh it is a joy that His boundless love has vanquished my boundless sin!!! REJOICE! I am free!

2. He delights to give us grace. Since my flesh hates to give kills me, its no fun, and I don't have joy until afterwards, it is so easy for me to forget that God does not respond like me. Oh praise His name that He does not treat me as my sin deserves! For He has treated CHRIST as my sin deserves- that He might treat me as Christ deserves. This transactions is absolutely entirely scandalist. I just don't understand.

In Spurgeon's book, Grace Abounding in a Believer's Life, which is one of my all-time FAVE'S, he talks about how God was not persuaded to give us grace. We did not suggest it. And He does not bestow it upon us grudgingly. Ok, so not only was it not MY idea for God to show me grace...but HE thought it up- I didn't even need to plea for it-- He was lavishing it upon me before I could ask. And He doesn't give reluctantly, but with great joy and with His whole heart. Spurgeon says He gives us grace "without a trace of unwillingness." Just as He loves us with no admixture of wrath whatsoever. Astounding. Ah, let us worship Him.

Tomorrow night we leave for the weekend-- our LIFE groups (which are the high school kids from church) are going to a place called Kingswood (but not the same Kingswood as we went to with the Bettws kids, but similar...) and we'll be back Sunday afternoon. If you think of it, please pray for our time together with the kids- for great conversations, quickly built foundations in our relationships with them, and opportunities to speak Truth!

Love to you all!


Joy said...

A couple things...
1. That starbucks picture reminds me how incredibly HOTT of a sister I have!
2. I already love Eiwen and Hattie! I want to meet them!
3. I am SO sad I won't get to experience your life in Wales with you! (I saw the picture of the buildings and almost thought "oh i can't wait to go there and see what its like and where Janelle lives and everything" and then i just got sad
4. I miss you! Summer to Christmas is far too long
5. I love hearing about what the Lord is teaching you and continuing to show you!
6. (okay so this one is dumb...but...) my hair is slowly dying and is going to be atrocious (sp?) when I see you

okay so maybe I had more than a couple things to say.....

Love you!

Meghann Roberts said...

How much fun! I should have had you do that braiding exercise with me before you left! It seems as if my fingers don't do braids since you left! Reagan has pretty much even stopped asking for them =)!

Vanessa said...

um i totally miss you too. that makes me think about the last time we hit up starbucks with you in norfolk :) and i got that nasty shake...should've stuck to the usual.