Saturday, October 18, 2008


On Thursday at Bettws I taught french plating. (Braiding.) It was color coded and everything, but it didn't go well. It was too complicated. I know for next time I need to simplify it MAJOR.

On Friday, Milbrook had a harvest assembly. It was so weird having it not be "Thanksgiving" based. They did throw in some American things though. Ivy's class did the story of the pilgrims and indians. We watched as though we were proud parents.

And this just cracked us up- the little girl in the middle with the hot pink cowgirl outfit is representing America (thus, the flag). And the boy next to her is holding the type of food we would bring to a harvest...cereal. WHAT?! haha, I love it!
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Jenn Romanski said...

ummm...i totally wear a hot pink cowgirl outfot. every day. don't make fun.

Steph said...

um, no comment on Jenn's comment. but HI! Where do you think cereal came from? ;) The pilgrims probably got the bright idea of making cereal by wearing hot pink cowgirl outfits. =D