Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frost and Psalms (really boring title...)

I'm not in Florida anymore...

This morning was the first frost! (Ivy has been eagerly awaiting.) It was -1 last night!!! (Granted, that's Celsius...but we'll stick with it because its more dramatic that way- and makes my freezing toes more justifiable.) We finally figured out the heat in our rooms! Wahoo! This morning I woke up and it was almost WARM in my room. Oh my goodness- amazing. I sleep with a big sweatshirt and warm pj trousers and fuzzy socks every night. My feet are in a constant state of near numbness. I must just have terrible circulation or something. Asking for slippers for Christmas.

On my run this morning, I had a tank top on, long johns, a t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a jacket with the hood up, a hat, gloves, Calvin College sweatpants (thanks to Joy!) and wind breaker pants...and it was still painfully cold. (Oh, and I look ridiculous.) It takes about 3.2 seconds for my lips to be entirely chapped. Needless to say, my runs have become less enjoyable in the physical sense-- but I still love the time out and away, and mostly at the top of the hill. And I'm always grateful the rest of the day that I got up and ran. It's good for me to practice discipline. And I love being up before everyone else.

This week is "Half Term" for the kids. Basically that's a week long fall break. So we've been at the Building yesterday and today working on film stuff and brainstorming for assemblies to do in the schools. We're going to be putting a GAP video together to advertize for next year and to keep the local church updated on what we're doing-- I'll try to post the link when we finish it so you can see if you want.

Recently I've been struck by three words found in Psalm 37. I've been studying this chapter (along with Proverbs 3) for four days (thanks to the encouragement of Sue Rees), and I can't seem to get over these words: "He will act." I'm commanded to commit my way to the LORD. And HE will act. It's a promise. It doesn't say, "And then you go act". He does the work. My Loving Father.

Now, that's not to say I'm free of responsibility- I'm not. And earlier in the chapter I'm commanded to Trust Him and "do good." But just as HE acted in my Creation, just as HE acted in my will HE act in the much smaller things in my life! Oh what rest this brings to my heart! I can nestle myself into His promises- snuggle up in His Word- find comfort in His ways. Psalm 62 (one of my favorite chapters of Scripture) says, "Trust in the LORD at all times, O peoples, pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us." I love rehearsing this over time and time again knowing "at all times" includes THIS MOMENT. Just as I'm commanded to CAST my cares upon Him, so am I encouraged to POUR my heart out before Him. He is my fortress. My stronghold. My Shelter. He delights to carry my burdens. He loves to be my Help.

Oh, the cross is amazing! Upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace. PEACE. I have peace with the Holy Judge because the Perfect Man was chastised in my place; on my behalf. Baffling. I should only know His judgment- but instead, I know only of His love. His perfect love. With no admixture of wrath in it whatsoever. Because Christ bore my sin. He became my sin for me. Completely satisfying the Father's just wrath. Entirely. Unbelievable. Oh, rejoice with me!!!


Amanda said...

oh JJ, I can relate as we're now in the cold of Maryland...boy my blood has been thinned by our years in FL! Glad to see all God is doing in your life!!

Steph said...

Jage, wow...I forget to check your blog for a couple days and I have FIVE wonderful posts waiting for me! =D It's SO encouraging reading how you're preaching the Gospel to yourself. And by sharing it with us, I'm able to read it from someone else's viewpoint. It's so encouraging and helpful! =)