Sunday, October 26, 2008

High School Musical 3

Haha, so fun!
To McDonalds first before the cinema! So, is it just over here or have all the McDonalds changed to be attempting a more "upscale" look?

...I know...getting a little obsessive with the pictures...
Back row: Rachel, me, Rowanne's eyes, Lois, Carys, Izzy (Cary's visiting cousin), Caroline
Front row: Alex, Eleri, Lowri, Megan

We had an absolute BLAST. We were a little eager about the whole thing-- ordering tickets days in advance...getting to the theater an hour early...ya...none of that was necessary...but hey! we were PREPARED!

Two nights ago it started "sprinkling" homesickness in my heart. Kyle Davis' voice came on my ipod and my mind was instantly in the Davis home. In their living room. And then Home Group. Ah, dear friends. Close relationships. The "knowing" and "being known." Watching kids grow up over blog posts is not my first choice. And, as lame as it sounds, High School Musical added to the *missing people*. American accents. A school system I understand and can relate to. But it was good-- sort of refreshing. A little visit to the States for 2 hours! No flights and no jet lag!

I love what we're doing here. I know this is a short short time- and I'm learning to treasure it. To cherish my walks to Spar down the road. To enjoy this home. To POUR into these girls. Only 10 months left!!!


Vanessa said...

obviously i watched it and LOVED IT! what did you think?

Steph said...

Yah. I will confess i saw it too. =) It was cute.

Jage, did I tell you that SPAR is the little market that I went to when I was in Namibia? Whenever we were driven into town we would head straight for SPAR. That was where me and 2 other girls bought and devoured a WHOLE roast about 10 minutes. We had been living off of kudu and warthog meat every day and were ready for some WHITE meat! K, just thought I'd share that memory with you. =) And when we went to Wales last year, I saw a SPAR, can't remember where...but I took a picture of it! LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

your blog rocks!!!
and hsm 3 was amazing !!!
thanx for organising all the tickets etc