Saturday, October 4, 2008

This weekend...

I went to the Rees' house on Thursday night for some down time. Incredible family. They are my Home Group leaders. This is Ellen. She's 7 and FULL of personality. She wanted to show me her school uniform.
And this is Rowanne. She's 13 and is actually in my LIFE group, too! (LIFE is for all the kids who's families go to the church- we break up into small groups.)
They wanted to show me a dance they made up- it was so cute. Made me miss you, Joy!
Then Rowanne did my hair before we watched High School Musical 2. I hope to take all the girls in my LIFE group "to the cinema" (as they would say) when the 3rd one comes out at the end of the month!

Sue and I got to chat for a while after the girls went to bed and I came home feeling full of fresh hope. She is a gift.

Yesterday started off with the year 6's at Millbrook. I think it's my favorite school. Kat taught the kids in our class the song, "Father I adore you" and we (well, she) taught them how to sing it in a round. Then after break, we went downstairs, and I taught gymnastics!
We did vault and some vault drills- I was really impressed with how well the kids did, and it made me miss teaching gymnastics so much. I had a flood of memories of working at Classics Gymnastics Center come rushing into my mind- let alone memories of DOING gymnastics and competing and stuff. Ah, so fun.
Then we went back to the Building (the church) to set up for VJ (Vintage Jesus- an outreach for 12-16 year olds). We had 196 kids come! They drink a lot of soda.
I think this is so cool, so I wanted to post it- they have ice cream trucks that park outside of the schools (I think everyday!) when school lets out. We haven't stopped at one yet, but I hope to before the year is out!
I realized I haven't shown you our car. Here it is! Two of us squish in the back, two in the middle, and two in the front. When David Elsing from Australia arrives in January and joins the team, the middle seat will be "snuggle zone" as we all smush in.
This was the Demolition Zone at VJ last night (and Shockwave this morning). Four of you stand on every side, and try to knock each other over with the giant ball in the center. It's really fun, and gives your legs quite a work out.
This is Ives, Graham, (he and his wife, Lindsey, are in my home group) and Peter working the bar.
This is Vikki and me! She goes to the church in Merthyr Tidfill about 20 mins away- it was planted out of Christchurch- (Julie, Steph, and Kyle- she says hi!). She serves at VJ and has been at church the last several Sundays here in Newport.
This is the bungee run. Sorry its not the best picture- I had to blur Maria out because of Child Protection laws, and there's a piece of dust by my head that's reflecting or something...but anyways, it was SUPER fun. You're harnessed to a bungee chord and have to see who can run the farthest and velcro this little thing further than the other person. A BLAST.

Toms told us that the guy who spoke last night just recently started a church with his wife. They now have 18 members- 16 of which he's lead to the LORD.
He did an amazing job talking about God as our Father and the kids seemed to really like him.

This morning at Shockwave (outreach for 7-11 year olds- same set up as VJ) I worked the bar. I didn't realize how terrible at math I am. It was my best subject in school-- what does that say about my memory of all of the other subjects?! Pretty much all the chocolates are 35p (35 pence- which is equivalent to 70 cents)...I think its the 5p that throws me off when I do the math. I like tens. =)

Well I'm not feeling well again today (I think I'm just tired) and am pretty much incredibly excited about going to sleep right now. We have the rest of the day off. Wahoo!

The lyrics that keep running through my head are, "You are my strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek, You are my All in All." The character quality of His faithfulness is bringing me much joy this week.


Anonymous said...

so cute! i wish i was there dancing with ya'll!!!
praying for you.

Emily said...

Hey JJ! I love checking your blog and seeing all the things you're up to! Thanks for lengthy updates with pictures :)

And I had to tell you, yesterday out of the BLUE Sophie started walking around with her fist to her mouth, her pinky up and saying "doy, doy, doy" with this silly smile on her face. I have no clue where she got it; she's only seen you do it, what, twice? But I don't know anyone else who does it, so it made me laugh and think of you.

Miss you!

Steph said...

AWWWW!!! SO fun...everything! =) And Vikki, wow. I miss her...and Anna, like CRAZY!!!! The main thing Kyle would tease Vikki about is the way she says 'hoodie'. He'd try to mock her by speaking w/ her accent...quite funny.
Jage, just so you know, it's Mission Month at Metro, and they showed the first mission video yesterday. They said you'll be able to see them online: so hopefully it'll pop up for you. I was in tears as I watched this video on Germany! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

can not wait for the snuggle zone