Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweetness amidst the Mundane

Today we went to Mount Pleasant and colored faces and taught braiding with the year 3s- it went really well. I took some pictures, but its not really anything you haven't seen before. The back of kids' heads coloring...

Then we went to the Building and I began reading chapter 6 of Bible Doctrine on the Trinity. Excellent. I love it. What a gift men like Wayne Grudem are to us-- they study, and read, and pray, and write books to help us understand God better!

When I got home today, I was tired...tired from fighting my sin. It's a lot of work. My flesh is quite strong! I came straight upstairs and plopped on my bed with my laptop...and I had no idea what my inbox held for me. What kindness the LORD had for me. How in that moment, He was going to sweetly woo me to Himself. Tuck me under His wing. And show me even more grace-- even after lavishing it upon me all day.

I received Elizabeth's comment to my last post which left me FULL of encouragement. Literally, BURSTING with joy, comfort, and peace. After telling myself for hours that this is where God wants me, for some reason, to hear it from someone else, is so helpful.

THEN, I received an "itunes gift" from Tambra, one of my mom's dear friends in Norfolk, Va. She has been a source of constant encouragement over the last 2 months. She actively searches for God's grace in my life and highlights it, draws attention to it, and shows me over and over again when she sees Him working. We all need Tambra's in our lives.

She had purchased a song for me- called Sing My Love by Kim Walker. After I listened to it, this is what I wrote:

"After an extremely wearisome day, in God's unexplainable kindness and love for me, here He is. Right here. Holding my face. Speaking His promises to my heart. He doesn't grow tired or weary repeating Himself. He loves to remind me. To tell me again how He purchased my soul. To remind me of His love for me. How it cost Him. How deep it is. How real it is. How He delights to give me grace. He loves it. He lifts my chin so my eyes fix His gaze. He tells me He sees me. And He's here. He's holding me in the midst of all that's going on- all that I'm struggling with. And He won't let go. Ever. My inheritance is waiting for me. Oh, and in a moment, I will be with Him- standing before Him face to face!"

And if you are a genuine Christian, this is the same for you as well. Let us take comfort in His arms.

This is how the song opens:

Words could never say
The way He says my name
He calls me lovely

No one ever sees
The way He looks at me
He sees me holy

Words could never hold
This love that burns my soul
Heaven holds me

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