Saturday, October 25, 2008

Offensive Roadshow

Today we had the "Offensive Roadshow." It was an 11 hour conference at Christchurch on Evangelism. A man named Dai (spelling is probably off-- pronounced "Die") who I've mentioned in a previous VJ post spoke the majority of the messages. Excellent. He is passionate about the Gospel, loves people, and is obsessed with Truth. I am so encouraged and cannot WAIT for the messages to be available online so I can re-listen to them.

I sat with my LIFE girls. From left to right we have Alex, Rachel, Caroline, Carys, Lois, Lowri, Rowanne and myself. I also got to build relationships with some Uni students and talked to a guy who grew up in Sudan for a while during one of the breaks. Ben Greasely led us in worship and did an excellent job. Christchurch doesn't have as much worship time on a Sunday morning as Metro does- so it was an added blessing to have extended worship...and numerous times in one day!

Rowanne and me.

She's such a goober.

My favorite message from today was the last one Dai preached. About us being the salt of the earth. I didn't take any notes I was so engaged in what he was saying! (and I love taking notes.) He talked about how Christians are the salt of the earth- and what that means. Salt has TASTE. When Scripture tells us to taste and see that the LORD is good- that doesn't mean we go into a candy store and order "some of God," but that as Christians, our lives should be "appetizing" in a sense to onlookers. They should want what it is we have. And we get to be arrows. Showing them its nothing in us...but its HIM. It's Christ. He also talked about another use for salt I'd never heard of. Back in Biblical times, they didn't have toilets. So everything that would go in a toilet (sorry, I know this is a little gruesome) would be piled on a hill. A dung hill. And they would throw salt on that to kill bacteria to stop disease from spreading; to stop the stench. And in this world, that reaks of sin, and pain, hurt, and disease-- we are to be salt. Offering hope, healing, and a cure: The Gospel.

My favorite analogy he made was about us being light. We are the moon. God is the Sun. He is Light. With a big "L." We are light. Little "l." We merely reflect His light. We don't produce any of our own. He said that the "bushel" that the Bible tells us not to hide under-- his consern (Dai's concern) would be that we hide our light in one of two things. 1. The Church. That we would be so consumed and wrapped up in our lives- our church lives, our Christian friendships...our "bubble"...that our light is in fact being hidden in the Church Building. Ah, I can see how evident this is in my own life. I want to POP THIS BUBBLE!!! and 2. Shame. That because we aren't perfect and we still sin and mess up, that we would be ashamed of that, and carry the shackles of guilt around...when in fact, we are FREE from sin! Jesus said, "It is finished!" That means, "PAID IN FULL." There's no more debt to pay!

Ok, now to my favorite part: He quoted the verse in Matthew 5, "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." He focused on the word set. You don't accidentally put a city on a hill. It's a lot of work. One is PLACED there. Intentionally. Purposefully. For people miles and miles away to see it. He encouraged us how EACH of us are different cities on different hills. We each shine light- but to different people, and in different places. The places where other people shine light are places I can't reach. But there are places God shines light through me, that others can't reach. Oh how easily I forget that God is INTENTIONAL and Sovereign. I'm in contact with the people I'm in contact with on purpose. I work with the teachers I work with on purpose. Nothing is an accident-- or even unimportant! How encouraging that is. How I need to hear that everyday!

So tonight I'm going to bed refreshed. Encouraged by God's promises. Blessed by His pursuit of me, and kindness to minister to me. We gain an hour tonight (wahoo!) and after the church service tomorrow, my LIFE girls and I are going to see High School Musical 3!

I pray something I mentioned that Dai preached on encourages you, and that the beauty of the cross would increase in your eyes as your love for the Savior grows with a deeper affection in your heart. Hugs!

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