Thursday, October 16, 2008


We are so glad you're here and apart of this team! Oh the sacrifices you have made to be here- family, friends, relationships you've spent years building for the sake of the Gospel, the comforts of home, being with your sister (whom I know you love so dearly), not having a car, having to live with me of all people, agreeing to set a year aside knowing nothing of what it would hold. Your love for Gospel Truth sings loudly in the price you have paid (and still pay- day in and day out) to be across the pond-- over 4,000 miles away from those you love (and who so obviously love you!) All for the sake of the Gospel. May God receive glory!!!

I pray this year is full of sweet time with your Savior as you are drawn closer to Him than you ever thought possible. That as you behold the beauty of the cross, your heart would sing of His love for you. Nearness like you've never known. Peace abundant. Joy radiant.

Happy 23rd, girl!!!

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Anonymous said...

ahh very cute..did you notice that the word "cheezy" is written above her head? :D haha