Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who is my sister?

My sister is someone who knows me better than I know myself. She's seen me beyond my worst. She's had to forgive me more than most people on this planet. She's been forbearing with me through seasons where I was (and still am) working out what I believe and how that applies to every day life. I've been meaner to her maybe than anyone else in the world, and she still talks to me. She just "gets" me...there's no other way to explain it! I speak in half sentences, she nods her head and answers my question before I can even ask it. I love that we did gymnastics together for 7 years. I love that she knows all the people from my childhood and high school years- and I don't have to explain who people are, what they're like, or how I know them.

She, in my opinion, has EXPLODED this summer in her passion for Christ. Her love for others. Her convictions. Her pursuit of holy living. These things have been present before-- and for years-- much longer than they've been present in my life...but something happened...and I've never seen her love her Savior more than she does now. And oh, its contagious.

She's the friend who listens compassionately to your struggles, and calmly informs you of what your tendencies are, and can quickly detect and correct my self-focused thinking. She makes charitable judgments about others. She's helping me become more like Jesus.

Selfish. See what I mean?!

Just two days ago, we were able to talk through Skype (what a means of grace web cams are!) and as I shared my temptations and the sin I am currently fighting against, she, just like the Proverbs 31 woman, opened her mouth with wisdom. We began to talk about Bible verses I could memorize to help me overcome temptation and have victory over my sin-- verses about God's character.

Today I received an email with six references of verses she thought might help me. What a gift. I love you, JOY!


Yesterday and today have been filled with walking or running. Over 11 miles of it. My calf muscles are...getting stronger. Yesterday consisted of a bus ride to the train to the Borders in Cardiff with a wonderful Starbucks date with Bible Doctrine. And it ended with the film, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, (about the Holocaust) with Ives, Kat, Vikki, and Nickey at "cineworld" which is FOUR STORIES HIGH of movie theaters. Complete with escalators and "lifts."

Today I did the usual run and then walked to the Newport City Center and went in and out of shops for about 3 hours...and landed where else? At Starbucks! To order nothing (I know, I hate it when I do that too...but its twice as expensive over here!) and read.

I love days off. I'm about to dive into the Word for a little bit and enjoy my rice and veggies and a Becks.

Tomorrow is repeating Bettws' hair lessons with Mount Pleasant's year 3s! (2nd graders)

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