Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mount Pleasant year 1s

Today we recycled the drawn faces I used at Bettws for my hair class, and had the year 1s (Kindergartners) draw animal faces on them...and then we made masks!
Didn't they do a great job?!

We came home early today from the Building because all our lesson plans are done for tomorrow. I'm teaching braiding in my hair class- which they call "plating." Dan had some really amazing ideas, and I'm so excited about using them.

Tomorrow we're at Bettws for just our morning sessions, and then we leave! No more "teacher assisting" for the rest of the day from now on. That will make Thursdays much easier, less tiring, and, in my opinion, more effective. Tomorrow afternoon we're planning to take the bus system into Cardiff (the capital of Wales- about 15 minutes away) to 1. learn the bus system so Sat Nav doesn't have to be a personal driver for 5 people and 2. to meet up with some of the Uni Students. We'll probably end up hanging out all afternoon and then heading to a local pub for dinner. And then I'm off to Home Group at the Rees'! All of this, only if the LORD wills, of course.

Ok, so mini-survey here. What do you all WANT to hear about? Do you like hearing about our schedule? Do you even know what I'm talking about half the time? Do you want to hear my personal "revelations?" Are the posts too long? Too many pictures? Too many posts you can't keep up? This blog is not a place for me to just "unload"...I have a journal for that. =) This is meant to serve YOU. What do you want to hear about?


Tambra said...

I love anything and everything you write! Serve me you do- always. Your posts never cease to encourage and provoke me- the more the better in my book. I love your view of Jesus- oh, for the same! Love to you!

Debi said...

I agree with tambra - I love hearing all the details of life in another country. And the revelations that God shows you will have an impact in ways you may not ever see in this life. So write on...

Vanessa said...

well i love hearing about what you are doing, and i LOVE know that. I would be interested in hearing some more of the things you are learning/the Lord is showing you. I mean things that you wouldn't care to share with all of cyber space:)
love you! and miss you so much!
and in terms of length, i will read even if they get 60x longer :)

Steph said...

Yah ditto what everyone else has said. And in my opinion, you can NEVER post too many pictures!...says the aspiring photographer.
I would love to hear more about the words you're picking up, things that the kids are saying to or asking you.
I LOVE the personal revelations, and, HI! Feel free to make your posts as long as you want because,'re not HERE! So anything we get to read about you makes it a TINY bit easier. =) Love ya!

Jenn Romanski said...


Noelle said...

JJ! I check every day and I'm always so excited when there's something new, so nope, you're not writing too much! I am totally enjoying hearing all that you are doing, and all that God's doing in you, the pictures are GREAT too! Keep it up lady! We all miss you here!! =)

Marvin033 said...

I love hearing about your trips and the school and seeing pictures, but I also would love to hear about how the team, specifically Ivy and Kat are challenging you in your walk with Christ, and how the fellowship with the GAP team is helping you grow and in what areas..also would love to hear any funny stories that you might have!