Monday, October 27, 2008

On the Home Front

A dramatic week for lil J. Stitches, neck braces and the ER. Two separate trips! This is how he tells the story: (this is ice hockey by the way...)

So the first game of the weekend after the first period against the Charleston wolverines. we were down 5-0. and we dont lose. so coach walt was freaking out. then we scored five unanswered goals in the second so we were tied. We ended up losing 6-5 and we were in a lot of trouble. The next day we played and we were dominating them like 3-0 after the first. then 5-0 in the second. In the third we had a "line brawl" which means everyone on the ice fights. The funny thing is we put our worst line out against their best line. The puck dropped they all fought. So they were out their best players and it didn't hurt us other then subs. We were only down to two defense men so me and miracle (the other captain) dropped down to d. Our first shift we were regrouping to attack their zone. He passed the puck to me i played it off the wall. then took two strides and thats the last i remember. i got an elbow to the back of the head and head-butted the wall. blood everywhere. very dizzy hard to remember.

This past week i only practiced one day and took it easy. My first shift of the weekend i had two hits and they were both people i absolutely crushed. then we won our next two games 5-0 and 3-2. A team dropped out of the tournament so it was an automatic win. But we played one of our rivals just for fun. In the first i got checked from behind and into their goalie. I got up in the guys face after. Then i was very upset i wasnt playing much cause our coach wanted the people that dont play much to get ice time. He finally put us out in the second. I played it off the wall once again to miracle. he lost it i picked it up and someone hit me i played the puck then got another elbow to the head and fell to the ice. Trainers came out. I told them about last week and how i have stitches in. They IMMEDIATELY called 911. backboard, stretcher, IV, everything. I was absolutely terrified. Rushing into the ER is something no one should experience. So i sat in the ER with my parents the medics and then eventually my coach. Fortunately everything was okay. Except i had to sit in my gear forever which smells.....
Both of the kids who hit me got thrown out of the game. The first one is suspended and they are trying to throw him out of the league. for intent to injure. the second guy was very apologetic and gave coach walt his number so he would know how i was doing. The sponsors of when i got my stitches are actually related to coach walt. They saw the hit and told the rink they aren't going to provide any more money for them cause it was such a cheap shot.

Hope you feel better soon, Justin!

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