Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heritage and my High Priest

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Today in Mrs. Williams' class at Bettws (Bet-us) with the year 7s (6th graders), we researched our heritage and looked for our family's coat of arms. This is proudly mine! I think Grampa has it up in his living room- it looks familiar. I don't know enough about my ancestry to be able to find anything really fascinating on line, but it did make me WANT to know more. I think that's something I take for granted- the ability to know. I hope we have a family tree we Daddy?

In the first two sessions (classes) this morning we talked about hair "vocabulary." Elasticity, porosity, texture, density, etc. We did tests by pulling out a few hairs on our head and stretching them, soaking them in water, etc. to learn how to define our hair. The kids did AMAZING. The best they've listened yet! It was wonderful!

Today I am rejoicing in the truth and promise that Jesus is praying for me constantly. He knows the cares of my heart. He knows what I'm thinking. I don't need to text anyone, or call anyone, or email anyone to ask them to pray- I can, but I don't need to. When others aren't pleased with me, or I'm not sure how to respond, I find comfort in knowing that Christ is pleading at the Throne of Grace, with wounds that have ransomed my soul, asking the Father to bless me with EVERY spiritual blessing. Not only do I NOT get the cup of wrath that I DESERVE- (an empty cup would be reason for eternal rejoicing!) but I instead, receive a cup of BLESSING. Ah, unbelievable. Let us wonder in amazement at this most glorious Gospel.

I'm to be picked up in about an hour by Sue Rees (my amazing Home Group leader's wife) for a night with their family. I am so excited.

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Anne said...

Dear Janelle,

We have several of our family coat of arms in our entry way to our home..Get Kat to tell you about how she drew our Dixon coat of arms a few Christmases ago and we had them framed for extended family..Glad to hear you are preaching the gospel to yourself and knowing the truth about how God views you. We have been praying for your health and work there on the GAP team. Thank you for your love and care for Ivy and Katherine. We appreciate all the updates..With much love,
Mrs. Dixon