Friday, October 10, 2008

Not all grins and giggles

So I realized about a week ago, that you all probably just think that life over here in Wales is just peachy-perfect! We go to a couple schools, are involved in great home groups, live in a cute town...and why wouldn't you think that?! That's all I've told you!

In my attempt to have a positive attitude and not whine or complain, I've left out a lot of the struggles. Which, after talking to a young mom today, realized that might not actually be serving you. Especially for you moms out there- who have made your 4,864th peanut butter and jelly sandwich today, repeated yourself over and over again about the SAME house rules, encouraged your children by enthusiastically commenting on their drawing or painting even when you weren't quite sure what it was...YOU are making a difference. Your training. Your energy. Your prayers. Your investment in the future Church. I am in training hopefully one day do what it is YOU are doing. This season of life has its joys and challenges just like every other one. Like the title of this post, its not all grins and giggles. I'm with the same people all day everyday- just like you. I'm in the car with the same people everytime we go some where- just like you. There is absolutely not a chance that I am comparing our seasons of life as "similar"...I'm merely attempting to show you that MY season, is TRAINING me for what YOU are doing. Oh and I have the highest respect for you. You who constantly do things that will need to be re-done. Laundry. Cooking. Cleaning. They are never ending tasks- and yet you serve faithfully, and with great joy...and it is many of your examples that I want to emulate.

And to you who are expecting-- your sacrifice for your children has already begun. Certain foods, certain drinks, embracing your limitations in this it reflects how Christ GAVE OF HIMSELF for our good.

Thank you for your investment in your children. Thank you for smiling at them even when they've sinned against you. Thank you for living the gospel before them so that they might understand how to bridge the gap between profession of faith and what we live to believe. Thank you for praying for them, for discipling them, for feeding them, for making them do chores when you could do a better job are my hero's. I pray the LORD's grace rains on you freshly as you read this. Let us remember that it is HE who is faithful, and good, and unchanging- no matter what our season is.

A little about my day so far:

More gymnastics teaching at Milbrook (my fave school...)

And this is Forest School at Monnow. It just makes me laugh. How random. We put our jackets and wellies on and we're ready to go!

Today the kids made "hedgehogs" out of clay and wood chips. =)

Well I'm off to pack for our weekend away- maybe a post to come on Sunday afternoon!
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Lee and Jeannette said...

Dearest Janelle...
Thank you for your post...loved it. Just received a phone call from Abby's school...she was bawling her head off, Hannah texted me and said nothing is going right, I have the stomach flu and moved into an apartment less than a week ago that is filthy and desperately needs cleaning..BUT God is still on the throne and we are to rejoice in His sufferings because ours cannot even compare. I am sure that you are extremely lonely at times and everything is so different at every turn, YET, God is still on the throne and sees and knows all that you are going through. Thank you for your faithfulness to go and share the gospel where they need it just as much as you and I do everyday, and every hour. Love, love to you today...from jeannette and all the Waltinos!

Linds said...

Does anyone else realize that in the pic of Jage doing gymnastics, that her arms are BULGING with muscles?!?!?! UMM WHOANESS!!!!