Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fire, Schools, Galaxies, and Romanians.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my flat iron broke earlier this week- of this you were informed. However, you notice in a below picture, my hair was straight today. "How is this?" you ask. Well, I decided to try once more. Yes, I saw sparks before, but maybe if I angle it just right I can make this thing work until Christmas. INCORRECT. About half way through straightening my hair, the sparks ceased to be sparks, but were FLAMES! A full blown flat iron ON FIRE in my hand in my room. Thankfully, none of my hair was damaged and nothing was burned. Whew. Moral of the story: believe your flat iron when it tells you it's dead.

Wednesday at Mount Pleasant with the year 1s (Kindergarteners) Taige led us in the song that goes, "I just thank you LORD for making me, me." I think one of the kids mis-understood...because each time they were instructed to draw a picture of something they were grateful for...he drew himself...

Several of the GAP Teamers gathered leaves from the cemetery across the street from our house and we did leaf rubbing with the kids- turning it into cards.

Then we filled this leaf in (it was supposed to be with a picture...I cheated...) with what we were grateful for. I love coloring. =)

First highlight of my day today: Little background, first. A boy at Bettws and I had a conversation on Sept. 11th after a memorial thing we went to- about sweets. Chocolate. Candy. The whole walk back from town where the service was. He told me his favorite was a Galaxy bar. This year 7 boy looks like he knows his candy well if you catch my drift. I told him I'd never had one, but would have to try. He seems like he's got a tough home life, but has such a sweet spirit about him as well. Everytime I see him, he asks if I've tried one yet. A few weeks ago he got in big trouble and was sitting in the hallway in a chair. I felt like the LORD told me to pat him on the back as I walked by. I did.

Today he came up to my classroom (which he's not in) and waved me over to a nearby table...and got out of his backpack...a Galaxy bar. I wanted to hug him but that would've been totally illegal...I felt like crying. I couldn't believe it-- its not the chocolate (though I THOUROUGHLY enjoyed it...) but what it all represents. We are here for something. And God is moving. Even when I can't see. Oh, praise His Name.

Second highlight: On the ride home, a Romanian man was trying to flag people down. Toms' response to things is usually, "I can't be bothered...," but when something for real comes up- he is willingly inconvenienced. We drove the Romanian truck driver to where he needed to go (he followed us...he didn't ride with us =) and while it required our masterful Taige with the map out, on the phone with Sarah at the Church office who was googling the address, and while we did go around one round-a-bout 3 or 4 times...we made it. And he was grateful. (The whole time we were driving I kept checking behind us to see if he was there- like every 45 seconds. It reminded me of our American flag on the back of our antique wooden boat growing up. I never enjoyed the boat ride because I was so afraid it was going to fly off. One time it did...and Daddy, aren't you glad I saw it RIGHT away?! ) I didn't get practice any of my Romanian (which consists of "thank you" and "you're welcome") because I was in the back of the car, but we communicated with thumbs ups and smiles. Ah, tower of Babel.

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Ashley Walter said...

Poor, JJ! That's what my flat iron looks like and while I haven't seen any sparks one of the ceramic plates fell off and I have to keep putting it back in while I do my hair! Oh my, the things we do in the name of vanity! :) Miss you!