Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mount Pleasant Planets!

Last night, in my absence, (I went to bed at 8!) the team came up with lesson plans for this morning for Mount Pleasant's year 3's. (That's essentially 2nd grade.) Each student decided which planet of the solar system they wanted to "be" and then created it on a black sheet of paper.
There are 6 tables in the classroom and 6 of us, so we've each been working at a table getting to know the kids and helping them with their projects. You can see Mr. Benson and Mr. Toms hard at work!
The only girl at my table, Ella, and I have bonded quickly. She is so sweet. When I started helping her make balls with the tissue paper, she quickly ran to get a piece of chalk to put my name on the paper as well. How precious. The "J" is for Jupiter.
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Taige made an Asteroid belt (haha) to make all the kids laugh. They loved it.
We then took them outside to demonstrate how the planets move around the sun. It was windy, freezing, loud because the grass was being mowed, and didn't work AT ALL. But the kids had a blast. Who else knew that Pluto is no longer a planet?! I was so disappointed to hear that! And it makes me feel old...I'll be able to tell my grand kids that when I was in school, Pluto was still considered a planet!
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We met with the pastors yesterday (who care for us so very well) and our schedule will be changing quite a bit come half term. (They don't call them semesters, but terms.) Half term is like October 20something. So just three more weeks of lesson plans like this where Toms throws in "God made all of this" kind of lines about the solar system, and instead, we'll be doing only assemblies. Preaching the gospel directly, sharing our testimonies, etc. The only exception will be Bettws High School on Thursdays. We'll still be teaching our extra curricular activities. I'm teaching Hair there, Peter's doing Drama, Kat is teaching Event Planning, Taige is doing Music, and Ivy's got Art's and Crafts. But in addition to this, we'll be doing assemblies and maybe a club at lunch where kids can ask us questions about Christianity or what we talked about in the assembly. We are all SO excited about this switch! We've loved being in the classes with the kids so far and getting to love on them, but what we are eager to do is preach the gospel directly!!!

I've been feeling much better today- still tired, so I'm gonna call it a night, but I'll leave you with one kindness of the LORD.

I have had THREE, not one, not two, but THREE wiser women encourage me in the last TWO days to not grow weary of doing good. All completely independently and seemingly "randomly". Ah, it is SO easy to grow weary. To fight in my own strength. To see only through my human eyes. But this encouragement and challenge has forced my gaze to be fixed UPWARD to Him who keeps my heart from weariness. To Him through whom ALL good fruit in my life is produced. To the Savior who has prepared every good work for me to do. I am not saved FROM my good works (or because I do them) but I am saved FOR them. I no longer have to pay the debt for my sin because Christ has taken my place! Therefore, I am FREE to serve others! Oh, let us not grow weary of doing good- for in due season, we WILL REAP, if we do not give up.


Joy said...

You get to do what I love! Those kids are so cute! and....Pluto hasn't been a planet for a long time...

Linds said...

Umm...ok I didn't know Pluto wasn't a planet anymore either. I think I remember hearing something like that, but ya...that's so retarded! I loved Pluto!!

Kim O'Brien said...

Those kids must LOVE you! You look so comfortable with them in the classroom also. The planet activity was adorable, and I also loved the hair activity that you posted a few blogs back. You have the creative teacher gene in you! And...Pluto was no longer deemed a planet about two years ago. They decided it was too far away (I think) and now it is simply a star.