Sunday, October 19, 2008

Student Walk

Today after service we all piled in the minibus and headed to a nearby mountain. We drove 3/4 of the way up, and walked the last bit- just taking pictures, and talking...getting to know each other better. I LOVE it!

This was the view at the top! Can't find rolling hills like this in Orlando...


Ives and I at the top!

Vikki and her new dark hair!



Yours truly


Everyone at the top


Heading back down, Ivy and I used our imaginations of what a perfect day would be on this mountain by ourselves. I'd have my blue motorbike with silver lightning bolts on it- no helmet, my Bible and my journal, and nice sunny weather with a cheeseburger for lunch. Ives wanted to have a cream colored flowy dress and ride her horse Elionwey with her Bible and packed lunch- Apple, granola, and banana with she could share with her horse. =)

After we got home, we hung out for about an hour, and then took a walk to the guys house. This is the little mail box on the way. Isn't it so cute? Just built right into the stone wall.

(notice the car driving on the left hand side...)

We finally have put Peter's birthday present to good use! We sat around the fire for about three hours and Ben came over too.

Ew, ok, gross. So, this past week, Toms has found evidence of a mouse living in his room. He was woken up by rustling at 5:30am one morning, his shortbread has been eaten (see below) and his ipod headphones chewed and ruined. We thought it had died in the wall because apparently the upstairs REAKS. (By the way, don't feel bad for Toms. Peter went in his room to give him some pointers and tips of how to keep mice away--ie. pick the shortbread up off the floor (before it had been eaten), etc...and Toms ignored it. He picked up the shortbread only to put it back on the floor because his bin [trash can] was full and he "couldn't be bothered" to empty it.) Anyways, we just received a phone call that the mouse is currently frantically running around Tom's room and the boys are attempting to...I don't know...kill it? catch it? Who knows. But apparently they're dying laughing. Oh, LORD, thank you so much for this mouse-free home!!!

Couple Welch vocab words for you:

Hiya, Alright?- Hi, how are you? They ask "You alright?" or "You ok?" instead of saying, "What's up?" or "How are you?" This still catches me off guard sometimes. In America if someone says, "You ok?" That normally implies, "Hey, something looks wrong- are you sick? hurt? bothered? Are you doing ok?" So I still sometimes reply, "Ya! I'm fine, why?" And then I do the, "oh ya, nevermind...doing good, thanks!"
Car park -parking lot
Petrol Garage- gas station
boot- trunk of a car
bonnet- hood of a car
multi story car park - parking garage
The letter "Z" they call "zed" and they pronounce the "h" in herbs. They also say "H" with a "h" sound. I don't know how to type it. H a ch. Wierd, huh?
Toilet- bathroom
Proper- real. Like, if you're saying, "No, I want to go to a real beach." They'd insert "proper" where "real" is. We're picking up on this as a team...
Ok, that's all I can think of right now...but I'll keep an eye out. It'll be funny to see what I come back saying in 10 months time!


Anonymous said...

tell pete his hat looks awesome!
Cool firepit, peter's always liked playing with fire. : )-his sis em

Vanessa said...

so i LOVED this post. I don't know why. but im feeling a little sad tonight, and you post made me laugh, and that is precisely what i needed so thanks.
ps. so...Ives is STINKIN GORGEOUS!
whats up with that? :)

Medana said...

So do you ever think that you are going to want to stay at the end of a year? Despite the major changes, multiple challenges,strangers being seems as if God's grace is abounding and you are doing what He has called you to do, joyfully. Congrats Girl, your living for Him;)
Oh, and, I totally miss you!

Linds said...

Ya I must agree with Vanessa that Ives is gorgeous but I can't help but notice that your getting hotter and hotter by the moment!!!