Saturday, October 18, 2008


Friday night we had LIFE (youth group for the kids at Christchurch)- it was so fun! We played Burger Queen- where your ankle is duck taped to someone else's ankle- one of you wears a crown, and the other one defends "the queen." Here's a video of Peter and I verses Toms and Paso- we were the "example." We lost. Check it out:

Burger Queen

Then this afternoon, I had my LIFE girls over to hang out. I introduced them to soda and milk- a staple drink in the Leach family. I haven't had it in so long. Many of the girls "fancied" it and kept commenting that it was "quite nice." That's how they describe things over here. I love it.

...taking funny pictures on Kat's mac...

Doing hair. Of course. They call hair things "bobbles." I quite like the name and plan to use it for the rest of my lifetime.

This is Alex!

And this is Megan!

Ives and Lowri...

Top: Me, Lois, Ives, Caroline (who broke her big toe last night playing Bull Dogs at LIFE =/)
Bottom: Carys, Rowanne, Lowri (who's sister is Lois and they are Rowanne's cousins) and Alex (Caroline's sister.)

I absolutely love this group of girls. Hanging out with them is my most favorite thing so far! I am so challenged by their humility and honesty at where they're at. It is so encouraging to me!

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