Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Home Group

Taraleigh and Kyle

We had my FAVORITE for dinner: CHEESEBURGERS!!!

I love the Davis family.

Surprisingly enough, that's like half the single's girls in our home group...really.

Ah, it has begun. The beginning of the end. Pretty much from here on out its "goodbyes". The "lasts". Last Home Group, last Deluge, last dinner at Kyle and Tara's, last Sunday, last hugs.

The sadness of leaving is not minimizing the excitement in my heart of going- but right now, the "leaving" is hitting hard. We have the best home group in the whole world.

These two years have been rich with learning, growing, moving =), and building relationships. They've been full of tears, laughter, inside jokes at Starbucks, very difficult seasons, crazy stories you wouldn't believe, and lots and lots of LOVE. Growth in love for my Savior and also love for those He's placed around me to live life with.

I am so glad that I have a hope that things will not deteriorate from here...but increasingly get better. Leaving is difficult, but what lies ahead will be far much greater than I could possibly imagine. What a hope we have!

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