Sunday, August 24, 2008

Re-packing. And packing again.

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My sister, Joy, is amazing. She just made ALL of my stuff fit in ALL of my bags- I can't believe it. Miracles happening over here.

So...I'm off to Wales in the morning! It's finally HERE!

I'll meet Peter at the airport at 10:40a and our flight leaves at 12:47p for D.C. We'll meet up with the Charlotte folks and fly to London at 6:40p tomorrow evening.

I'm planning on wearing my favorite jeans and I'm really excited about it. =) You know, the ones with the "love holes" in the knees.

We'll get into London at 6:30a Wales time on Tuesday (about 1:30a here), go through customs for about an hour, and then CRASH when Dan comes to pick us up. We're having dinner at his house that night.

Please pray that I would fight for joy in the midst of travel, carrying heavy bags, tiredness, hunger, and probably many "change of plans". I want to bring glory to the Savior even in those mundane parts of these next several days- not being consumed with myself or worshiping comfort. It's not about me. My life's not about me. This trip's not about me. My life has been purchased. It is not my own. It was bought with a price- and the price was the life of the only Perfect One who ever walked this earth. His love for me cost Him everything- and I want to live my life forever pointing others to this MOST GLORIOUS NEWS! We can have relationship with GOD through the atoning work of Jesus Christ! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!


Vanessa said...

ok! praying and i love you!

Lindsay said...

Wow! The Lord is going to do GREAT things in your life this year. I can't wait to see them. Miss you already...

amy h roberts said...

i loved that you spend some of your last hours with me in richmond. i'm praying for your heart, your safety, and your energy.

i love you, my friend.

MaryAnn said...

hi janelle!!
i'm glad you made it there safely.
your house is so cute! may God give you much grace!! He will!


p.s. have you met the mccan's yet? they said that they were involved in cleaning and getting your house ready. :)