Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Kristen and Meghann, somehow, in the midst of caring for their husbands, their homes, and their girls, managed to throw a party with over 50 people!!! They are wonder women. How incredibly sweet. I want to be just like them when I grow up. Thank you guys so much for your thought, time, energy, effort, and sacrifice that you put into making tonight happen. I am so blessed.

There was a bunch of uh-mazing food
...and we started the night off with tap dancing =) that's for you, Em
Reagan is sporting her leotard-over-pants look here. Priceless. She's ready for the Olympics! I loved having all my favorite little girls in one place.
There were little girls everywhere! (Steph, can you believe you'll be holding YOUR OWN baby by the time I return?!)
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...and when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE
Amy made me an incredible book full of pictures, Scripture, letters, and encouragement that various people contributed to. That's when the tears began. I will cherish this gift so dearly in this next year. Thank you all for your very kind words, for your prayers, for your eyes of grace in my life. The LORD is using your encouragement to strengthen me before I go. What a gift!
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Hugs and goodbyes
I know "goodbye tears" aren't bad. And I've been sort of holding everything in for tonight- only thinking about going and not about leaving. Well tonight, leaving hit me like a ton of bricks. I so love these people. With a deep, deep love in my heart- beyond words. That's why its sad to go. It doesn't effect my excitement of GOING, though. I am so glad to be heading on this adventure- and though this week there are many "lasts"...in two weeks, all of the "firsts" will begin!

We'll end on a happy note: this is my favorite picture of the night!


Taraleigh said...

Will you have room for that scrapbook in your suitcase? :)

Steph said...

No, Tara. She'll have to leave out about 20 pairs of flip flops and 5 of her BIG picture frames, in order to fit the scrapbook. ;)

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad I got to see you last night, JJ. My prayers go with you, dear friend.

Lindsay said...

Jage, flip flops are an ESSENTIAL! So don't listen to those who don't understand and those who aren't as hott as you and me. They just aren't at our level. So sad... :D

Jennifer Lightfoot said...

Awww, JJ!!!! I'm so sad...Except when I see the pics of Tyler and Jordan...and then I laugh. ;o)

I agree with Linds - you'll be fine with a bunch of flip-flops since you're a northern(er) girl! See ya tonight!