Friday, August 29, 2008

Other people's pics

Ok, so Taige took some incredibly amazing (and LOADS) of pictures today on a really nice camera. If you have facebook, friend him. His last name is McMahon and he's from Charlotte. He said its ok. These are from Kat and Ives.

This one was on the flight, but I thought it was cute.

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Ives and me at Tesco (its like their wal*mart) grocery shopping

Cantelopes are really cheap!

We went to a Roman amphitheater yesterday. Extremely beyond gorgeous. Look at how green the grass is!

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This is me winding up for my round off back handspring. I can't get over how beautiful it was there-- the pictures just don't capture it.

I think I pick a flower every day. Yesterday was a tiny daisy.

I found a pack of cigarettes lying around-- I didn't really smoke them. Just took a picture. They had warnings all over them about how dangerous and addictive they are- I thought it was hysterical.

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We had BBQ at Gavin and Emma's last night. (I ate a kabob- which they pronounce "kabab", two steaks, two or three helpings of potato wedges...aka "chips", two rolls and a salad. Jet Lag is making me hungry.) Then we went and took pictures at a nearby...I don't know what it was. Actually, we were going to drive 4.5 miles up a mountain to take pictures, but the gate was this is what we were "stuck with". Bummer, right? We ended up staying at Gavin and Emma's till really late. The guys crushed us in Articulate- its a lot like Taboo or Catch Phrase. Except more difficult.

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And then this was today- we saw several Castles, but this is the only picture I have so far. No princesses, Reagan, but I'll be looking for one for you! ;)


amy h roberts said...

LOVE THE PICTURES! i'm still praying for you. i'll send you an email soon. loves!

Charlotte said...

oh.. you all should have smoked the cigarettes.. i would have. :P

what a waste of good tobacco.

Kim O'Brien said...

The pictures are amazing! Do you not LOVE the endless shades of green?! I think that was my favorite part of Wales... Keep posting those pics! I love to see them! Love you bunches!

Lindsay said...

A few concerns for you: 1)when did you go to ucf (aka the hat)? 2) you are WAY to hott for your own good! 3) if you come back a smoker we will no longer be friends 4) i'm so proud of you even acting like you were...its so unlike you! 5) I MISS YOU!!!

Jennifer Lightfoot said...

i agree with linds! ;o) oh, and the JET LAG made you hungry????? ;o)