Friday, August 29, 2008


So, in addition to being on the other side of the road and the drivers side on the other side of the car-- there are TONS of "weird" things about the way driving is done here.

First of all, I've gasped zillions of times thinking we're about to be in a car accident. Going around turns and thinking we're going to be hit head on because the other car is in what I think is about to be our lane.

The stoplights here don't hang over the road like they do in the states. They're only on the sides of the road. I rarely notice them, so its good I'm not driving.

They call the yellow light "amber"...and before the light turns green, while it's still red, the yellow light comes on to let you know its ABOUT to be green. I think in America we don't need to be told to "get ready"...we ARE READY to go when it turns green.

Punch Buggies. Instead of saying "(color of car) punch buggie no punch back", they just punch each other whenever they see a yellow car. Of any kind. Hilarious!

Round-a-bouts are ALL OVER the place! It's very easy to get carsick.

They have double yellow lines on the SIDE of the road to tell you not to park there. White lines in the middle.

Two lanes here are equivalent to ONE lane in the Sates. You have to take turns whenever you pass a car-- PLUS, everyone here parks in the road-- its all very squished.

Dave pointed out to us today that they make roads crooked when they could easily make them straight, just because its "The English Way".

Ok, I have to go. Blogtime is over. Thank you for your comments and love and support! Missing you like crazy.


Amy said...

Maybe the lines are crooked because pubs are so popular. You know what I mean??? :)

Jimmy said...


How great to follow your blogs and see you acclimating to a new culture. Mommy and I are so terribly proud of you (the good kind of pride, thanking God for having given us the privilege of being your parents kind of pride) The driving would scare me to death so please be careful if you drive. You know I trust your driving implicitly ;-) but please be careful if you decide to drive. Your camera charger is on the way but the post office ladies, who love Mommy's popcorn, told Mommy that it may take up to ten days to get to you. Let us know if there is anything you need. The car passed inspection with flying colors and seems to be running well. I'll probably get it serviced soon as I'm not sure when the oil was changed last. Let me know how I can be praying for you and the team, I like knowing how to pray specific prayers. I love you and Mommy does too. Keep us posted and I love your blogs.


Lindsay said...

So I'm guessing the car past inspection for going to the dumpster...?