Friday, August 22, 2008


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I know what you're thinking: "Two posts in one day? That's a little excessive..." But LIGHT has been shown! I must talk about it!

This is my dear, treasured friend, Amy Roberts from Richmond. She once was in an extended season of what I've been struggling with the last couple days, so I called her this morning. Isn't it amazing how we can tell ourselves the Truth over and over and over again, working hard to embrace it with faith, and when someone else says it worded another way, or with different experience behind it, we hear it totally differently?!

That is what happened. Amy gently reminded me of my humanness. Her counsel is always bursting with REALITY and humility.

She set my eyes on WHO GOD IS. And encouraged me to stop looking at my own unfaithfulness. As she explained how she deals with her own struggles, I was so affected by the leaning she does when she's battling lies. Leaning on the LORD. Knowing He will be faithful to her. No attempt to "pull herself up from her boot straps." Oh, I have so much more to learn from her. What a gift our seemingly "random" friendship is.

My mind has been washed afresh with the Truth that my walk with the LORD is not about me. And its not about my performance.



Emily said...

JJ, you're (to use one of your own words) UH-mazing... :) no, wait, I'm sorry, thats wrong. You are pretty cool, but the God we serve is truly amazing and completely awesome - but thank YOU for sharing so humbly about the impressions and enlightenment the Holy Spirit is faithful to give you!

Anonymous said...

:) I love your post and I love your picture! You guys look like sisters!