Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank you all so much for your comments and emails- I feel so incredibly loved; which makes being over 4,000 miles away feel not so far.

Last night we went to a local pub. I'm not a huge beer fan, so had "Archers and Lemonade"-- but there's no way that was lemonade. It was really good- I liked it A LOT. (Luma ladies =) Think I'll be having a few more of those this year. I learned a lot about Guiness from Dan- apparently the "waiting" is really important.

We then went back to the guys' house and watched The Ringer and ate some very interesting-tasting chocolate chip cookies I made. Everyone was very sweet and gracious telling me "how good" they were-- but we're not sure that "Soda bicarbonate" is exactly like baking soda-- plus, I had no form of any kind of measuring cups or anything-- AND the oven is in Celsius and not Fahrenheit. Totally had to guess on everything. With no google or cell phones, we just tried to wing it. I guess considering all those factors, they really weren't THAT bad...but I am hoping to sort of redeem my cooking skills.

Peter found a bunch of silver fish in one of the glass cups in the cupboard- gross. Then, everyone came in to look at them, and we found loads more-- silver fish are my least favorite bug ever. I'm so glad we didn't find them in our house.

I had a really hard time going to sleep last night and definitely plan to take some Tylenol pm tonight--

Today we're going SIGHT SEEING! Castles, here we come! (Jules and Steph- I'll be thinking of you the whole time!!!) I'm disappointed I don't have my camera, but everyone's been really great about letting me borrow their pictures, so its really not a big deal- plus, Joy found my charger back in VA, which is WONDERFUL so hopefully more pictures to come.

Something that's been an unexpected blessing is the way the guys are serving us here. They are way more mature than I was expecting and have sought to display biblical manhood in all of the things we do- always holding doors, encouraging us, being extraordinarily patient-- their mammas raised them well! I'm so excited about all these friendships.

Make sure you're checking out Peter and Kat's blog- they're on my bloglist. Some of the info might be repeats, but they have different pictures and stuff.

Last night I camped out in Psalm 103. I love that Psalm. I'm loving my nights with the LORD. What stuck out to me most was that God does not deal with me according to my sin or repay me according to my iniquity. So, nor should I deal with others according to theirs. His steadfast, unwavering, unmovable love for me is as high as the heavens are above earth-- and He has REMOVED my sin from me as far as the east is from the west. (oh, rejoice!) The nearness of my Savior is becoming more and more tangible as He graciously has removed everything else that would be familiar- so that I might know Him more. This time has been so sweet. I can't believe its only the beginning. I'm so excited about this year.


Jennifer Lightfoot said...

JJ, I'm so glad to hear everything went well!!! I was praying for you! I actually sent a little something off in the mail early this week...but to the WRONG address. You might wanna stop by your neighbors sometime in the next week or so to see if anything came in for YOU. LOL

Love and miss you!!!

Meghann Roberts said...

HEY JJ!!!!!!!!! We miss you!!!! I found myself getting all choked up catching up on your blog. You did get my email about Sydney calling me "JJ" the other day, right? I think she's going through withdrawals!! I'm praying for you. I can't believe Steve got to "chat" with you this morning and I didn't. Boo-hoo! Hopefully we can talk soon!! Love you!

Oh, and now it sounds like our chocolate chip cookies would be comparable! =)

Steph said...

YAY! I love hearing updates on what y'all are doing, Jage. =) And YAY FOR CASTLES!!! You GOTTA tell me which ones you go to, and make sure the rest of your fab team takes amazing pictures! I just LOVE old architecture. =)

I miss you JANELLE!

Meghann Roberts said...

...OH! And that Psalm is my favorite!!!! =) Isn't He so GOOD?!?!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad the boys are being good or I was gonna have to come there and teach them :D I hate silver fish! They gross me out...

Anonymous said...


Guess what.... I got a cap and hook highlighting kit from walgreens and my hair looks awesome! (of course it would be better if you did it, but... oh well). I think i'm going to put some semipermanent black cherry color over it.

Keep posting and post pictures!



Jeremy said...

Sounds like a blast,
We are all praying for you.

and remember:
C = (5/9)*(F-32)

C = temperature in degrees Celsius
F = temperature in degrees

or you can use this:

Emily said...

Hooray for updates! Keep posting, girl, I love reading and hearing what you guys are up to and finding out how to best pray for you... can't wait to see more pictures!

Lindsay said...

Have I mentioned that I miss you...