Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Meet Nana. She is the dearest of souls. One of my "adopted grandmothers." She serves me so well.

I attempted to take in a bridesmaid dress for Susanna's wedding in June, and I thought I did a sort-of okay job, but then I had Nana fix it for REAL and it made such a difference- this dress used to be floor length! Didn't she do a great job?!

This morning, Meghann and I got up and had chocolate chip pancakes, and Ann Roberts graciously took the girls so Meghann could serve me. We packed up the van...


...and headed over to Nana's. We loaded everything into her attic. She's letting me keep all my stuff there for the year! Isn't that such a blessing?!

Abs came over to help us, which was great. It took like 15 minutes to unload the car completely!

Nana, I am so amazed by the way you live your life serving others. Daily giving of yourself to serve Grandma and Ruby in the most mundane and practical ways- let alone serving your grandkids and great-grandkids...and then added ones like me! Your life sings loudly of joy as you resemble our Savior by the way you love others. You are a gift! I love you!


Lindsay said...

Aww! That's so sweet Jage. Sorry I didn't help unpacking, I was sleeping hehe :/

Vanessa said...

im sad that i couldnt help you pack. you know how i love to organize things and pack. oh well.
so any chance of me seeing you when you are in norfolk?