Monday, August 18, 2008

Virginia so far

Dear, sweet Lindsay has sacrificed a ton to be here with me in Virginia. She's been in Orlando for a total of 4 days in the last like 3 weeks. What an insane blessing to have company in the car...
...even when she was sleeping. =)
We were greeted at my parents' by Drew, Gwen, and Michaela Ray. Gwen is David Powlison's daughter and was the one who introduced me to Sovereign Grace. I can't even explain to you the innumerable ways Gwen has been an example to me, served me, encouraged me, and shown Christ's compassionate love by her listening ear. Oh my Johnny.
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Drew was my youth group leader for the last two years of high school, and then my "boss" when I worked as the Middle School director for my "in between year" in Virginia. They are extremely dear to my heart. They're moving to Pennsylvania the same day I leave for Wales. Drew will be taking classes at Westminster Theological Seminary. I cannot WAIT to see how the LORD uses this family!
Justin's played hockey all weekend-- this was Lindsay's first hockey game! Unfortunately they lost by one, but they had golden goal, overtime, a shoot out, and then sudden death. It was very intense.
We've been celebrating my mom's birthday all weekend- over and over again. How fun!
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Lindsay made her famous lasagna- it was uh-mazing. She has served since the moment we got here!
Mommy opening cards and gifts.
This was our Sunday at Sovereign Grace Church in Chesapeake. We loved it. We were warmly greeted by MANY and will mostlikely have dinner with the Benson family (Peter Benson is going to Wales) tomorrow night.
Justin got a mohawk for about 20 minutes.
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...just long enough to take pictures.
Lindsay has been searching for sunglasses like this for over 7 months. She found them right before the worship conference, and then somehow lost them before leaving the mall-- but we found another pair JUST like them. She is very excited. =)
We surprised my mom by having JJ and KT drive from Richmond for "family day" today. I made bbq and honey chicken, asparagus, and my mom's fave salad- with blue cheese and peppered almonds. Meghann introduced me to it. (As she's taught me pretty much most of what I know about cooking!) It's uh-mazing.
The cake! (Just be grateful you can't hear the horrible singing. Lindsay wasn't used to not hearing a 4-part harmony 'Happy Birthday.')
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My sweet Mommy.
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And then we practiced Lindsay's updo for being a bridesmaid in a month!

Wow. So that's not really even 1/2 of what's really happened. There's been a lot of laying out at the pool, LOTS of Olympics- (and being completely irritated by the gymnastics judging), laughing pretty much constantly-- mostly at how cute and encouraging my mom is, several trips to Harris Teeter for groceries, and some wonderful sleeping in. Lindsay's staying an extra night due to Hurricane Fay's arrival. Then, we'll have a few family days before Vanessa and Emy P visit from C'ville!!! Joy gets back from Young Life Camp at Lake Champion on Saturday night and I cannot wait to see her. I can't believe I'll be on a plane to Wales in a week...


Praise said...

Looks like you girls are having a really GREAT time! I'm so glad my sister has friends like you. I wish I was with you. The pictures are not showing up on my computer for some reason, hopefully it will work soon. Say hey to Linds for me. Love you!

Anonymous said...

JJ, your pics aren't showing up:(


Meghann Roberts said...

Hey Sweetie! One of these days we'll catch each other on the phone! We miss you!!!! Reagan was so excited yesterday because she got to sleep in "your" bed...she thinks she is quite big now!!

I want to see all the pictures on this post, but they aren't showing up on my computer...are they on yours???

Love you!!! Tell your mom and dad I said "HI"!!

Anonymous said...

JJ!! (this is alli...alli gilland ;) How fun that lindsay got to go up with you. I loved the comment about lindsay not being used to the "4 part harmony" birthday true. haha.
Have a wonderful trip over to whales...hopefully we can keep somewhat in touch while you're there! You're in my you!