Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let the Waling begin!

This is impossible. There is NO WAY I could even attempt to tell you all about our flights, my new friendships, the housing, the grocery shopping, the funny "new words" we're now using and learning-- these last two days have been PACKED with new things. HOW FUN! I wish you all were here to experience and enjoy this with me!

We don't have internet at our houses yet, but once we do, I'll be able to explain more and show you more pictures.


This is me handing my keys to my dad-- the BMW isn't mine anymore!!! Kristen and Melodye Jones (as well as Meghann and Steve) will be thrilled.


My sister is BEAST. She carried this incredibly heavy bag all around the airport for me. On the United Airlines website, it says you can pay $50 for an extra 20 pounds-- so I opted for that. Unfortunately, the lady told me at the counter, that that information was incorrect, and it was going to cost me $385 to bring my bag. Needless to say, Joy came to the rescue again- we smashed some of my clothes in Peter's carry on and then Joy snuck my shampoo and conditioner (gotta have the professional stuff) into my bag that had already been weighed... =/ Not sure how honest that was...but we did it.

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This is Peter and I landing in Dulles!


We met Katherine and Ivy...


..and Taige


...and flew to London!

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This is me opening my "Don't open until the plane ride" letter from Janelle Phillips. Thank you so much, sweet friend. Your kind words were saturated in grace as you purposed to set your eyes on God's work in my life and encourage me. You are a gift. And that letter is a treasure. I love you!


Taige's luggage ended up being on the wrong plane-- so we waited at the airport for a few hours (Dan got stuck in traffic on the "motorway" anyways =) and got it at like 9:30a our time. (Motorway sounds like "moat-a-way" with the accent. I didn't realize what he was saying and had a funny conversation about that in the car with Dan...)

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Meet the GAP TEAM! We're all finally here! From left to right- Peter, Ivy, me, David, Taige, Katherine. We had dinner at Dan and Kat's place (his wife) last night. Domino's pizza. =) They have some stinkin' cute kids.


This is my new house!!! On my "Home Sweet Home" post I have our address-- but we're actually #67, not 65. I love mail. *hint* =)

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our ity bity little kitchen...


I LOVE my keys. =)


And this is my room...

Posted by Picasa view out of my windows- a cemetery (which they call a ceme'try) is across the street along with a conveniently located bus stop!


...our little backyard...


and our living room!

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We have been BOMBARDED with the way this church has served us. We had letters for us with packets of information on the dining room table when we got there-- they'd gone shopping for the basic cleaning supplies and some canned food, cereal, milk, bread, eggs, cheese, etc. We each had little baskets on our beds, curtains in the rooms, trash cans, laundry baskets-- all the things that showed they were paying attention to the DETAILS of wanting us to feel at home. Ah, what a gift. What a blessing. I thought I was coming here to serve; not be served.

I'll be posting more pictures when I can-- I somehow lost my camera charger, so that's been a little bit of a problem taking pictures. The guy's house is AMAZING. They have an apple tree in the backyard that I plan to make some pie with in the next couple weeks. I'll post pictures when I get them.

We went grocery shopping today, and Peter almost got run over. Apparently, pedestrians don't have the "right of way" but, as Dave, who's from England said, pedestrians have "the right to get knocked over". He told us that as we were walking into the store, a lady was cussing us out in her car and we were completely oblivious. He said it was hilarious.

I'm making Shepherds Pie for all of us this week! (*Shocker*, Meghann, right? ;)

Tonight we're going to a pub for dinner and tomorrow we're having BBQ (cooking out) at the Administrator of the Church's house, Gavin. I can't wait.

THANK YOU for your prayers- our traveling could NOT have gone smoother. I feel totally adjusted from jet lag already! I'm noticing HOW MUCH time I had by myself in my last season in Orlando- in the car, or my room or whatever - and I am enjoying being with people all the time, but have realized that I'm needing to be more intentional about reminding my soul to dwell on the LORD, to talk to Him throughout the day- even when everyone else is around.

Please pray for grace for these relationships with my team members. That the LORD would instill His love for each of these souls in my heart as He gives me eyes to see how to serve them.



Steph said...

JAGE!!! OH MY GOSH! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU! The house is ADORABLE! Wow, there's SOOOOO much I want to say right now about Wales, but I'll wait. =) Love ya! Miss you! Don't get run over! ;)

Poppi said...


So good to see you getting settled in and adjusting to life across the pond. They seem to know you already by the key holder they gave you. What does the other side say? Do they really know you? ;-) I miss you already and am praying that God will manifest Himself to you and the team and you will all be forever changed. Keep on pressing in. I love you.


Melodye said...

I'm so glad you made it safely and with all your luggage. $385??!!! Wow! Your place is adorable and I can't believe how much Peter looks like Abbott! Does he dress like him too??? WE miss you already but look forward to hearing about all your many adventures and how the Lord uses and changes you while you are there. Love you!!

Lindsay said...

AWW! Your house is SOO adorable Jage! It looks and sounds like way too much fun, I'm so happy and excited for you. Needless to say I miss you like JOHNNY, but I'm so grateful that you are able to have this experience. Can't wait to see more pictures. Btw, that pic of you giving your keys to your dad is whoa hott!!! Look out Wales Boys!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking and checking to see when you update!
I was praying for you guys all monday and tuesday!

I love you, JJ! Can't wait to hear all that God is going to do while you're there!!

Ashley said...

Aww Jage...that looks soo amazing and, I miss you already just in case u were wondering...i will be praying for you and everyone in excited to see what God has for you..thank you for being such a godly example to me..thanks for ur encouragements and our u lots and have tons of fun. Talk to u soon.

The VanLue Family Zoo said...

I LOVE you and am so glad you made it there safely!!! Thanks for sharing everything with us :) I miss you so much already and can't wait to keep getting updates from you! I'm praying for you sweet friend!


janelle said...

Yay, I'm glad you liked my letter!