Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Ten

As I head to Virginia for 10 days, I leave you with the 10 things I anticipate missing most about Orlando...

10. Days to Disney with Emily Sims (Thanks, Mr. Sims!!!)
9. My job- doing hair and being the object of wonderfully displayed Biblical Femininity all around the Orlando and Winter Garden area
8. My dear, wonderful, godly, loving friends
7. Cramming in the corner of Starbucks on 436 until they kick us out. (And then just moving the conversation outside until even after the workers leave...)
6. Watching Jim and Pam with Meghann and Steve and eating chocolate chip cookies
5. The Davis Home Group
4. Fridays with Kristen and the girls
3. The innumerable ways the Single guys serve us
2. Being able to talk to Mommy on the phone everyday while driving to whatever is next
1. Metro and its amazing, wise, humble leadership

Oh what a year it will be! I can't wait to come back!!!

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